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 Steady & On Course

DSCN3700Fall brings change to our landscapes, turning the leaves into an array of color as Mother Nature prepares for winter, dropping temperatures to tolerable levels for outdoor sporting events, and reminding us to take time to appreciate all the blessings we have received from our family and friends and the world we live in.

We are reminded, too, that life is fragile, the world a dangerous place, not to be taken for granted.  We mourn with our colleagues when they suffer great loss and we provide support and prayer when they face life’s challenges in the true spirit of camaraderie.  NNCA is also thankful for all of our active and reserve colleagues who are deployed and providing support in defense of our nation in the escalating conflicts around the globe.  We admire your grit, professionalism and sacrifice!  You make our history richer.

Speaking of history, we are grateful to the members who, for so many years, lovingly collected and preserved our history, our stories, and our memories!  The groundwork you laid is becoming a thriving collection of objects, archives, photographs and recordings.  The NNCA Board has contracted with History Associates, Incorporated to preserve and catalogue over 1400 objects, 50 cubic space of archives (photos, publications and correspondence) and 187 Oral Histories (which translates to a VERY small percentage of  NNCA membership) in paper, cassette recordings, CD and some DVD formats.  We are learning new terminology:  Accessions, gifts, donations, deaccessions, cataloging and more in the world of historical preservation.  With that, we will be working on revising the roles and policies of the Memorabilia and Oral History Committees and changing processes for accessions, gifts and donations.  Stand by!  We are so excited to be getting closer to our VIRTUAL Memorabilia Collection!  Watch for samples to pop up on this web page and in our newsletters.  And ask yourself “Why haven’t I done my oral history”!

Another rite of the fall season is VOTING!  Don’t forget to cast your ballots for NNCA Board members along with voting in your local, state and national elections!

Reminder, NNCA Membership runs May to May, so if you are delinquent, you will not see the November Newsletter in the mail and your access to Members’ Only site will be turned off.

Terri White

Who We Are….

Established in 1987, the Navy Nurse Corps Association is a non-profit, national organization dedicated to bringing Navy Nurses together. We are an association for caring and sharing, where what matters most is not rank, but being, or having been, a Navy Nurse. Any Navy Nurse Corps Officer, whether Active Duty, Reserves, Retired, or Honorably Discharged, may join the NNCA.

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2015 NNCA Annual Meeting

blue-red-animated-bulletOnline and Mail-In Registration are now available for NNCA  2015 Annual Meeting 6-9 May 2015, Charleston, SC…..»Read More

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NNCA 2014 Reunion  Photo Album

The NNCA 2014 Reunion Album is now available on NNCA.org.  To view the album click on the flickr icon on the home page and then click on Albums.

NNCA 2014 Award Recipients

The NNCA Reunion 2014 Awards Luncheon recognized six members for their contributions to the Navy, the Nurse Corps, NNCA, and their communities. . .

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President’s Corner
Get up to date on current happenings within NNCA from Terri White, President of the NNCA.

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