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Mid-South Navy Nurse Corps Association (MSNNCA)

Our formation meeting was held March 13, 2010 in Nashville, TN. Bobbie Clinton, Tish Breeding, and Bonnie McClure were instrumental in laying the groundwork for the chapter. We have grown with each passing year and welcome new members and visitors at every meeting. MSNNCA was officially recognized by the NNCA Board of Directors in April 2011.

Membership: All former, retired, reserve or active duty Navy Nurse Corps Officers in the Mid-South (Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky and contiguous areas of neighboring states) are eligible for membership. It is required that chapter members be members of NNCA.

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Meetings: The chapter holds three general meetings each year in Spring, Summer and Fall. Because of the large area encompassed, meeting sites are rotated at the discretion of membership.

Chapter Dues: MSNNCA membership dues are $25 a year. Members are encouraged to submit payment along with NNCA National dues each spring.

Chapter Mission/Projects: Our main activities include social networking at meetings, attention to the needs of members, and support of the NNCA. We publish a newsletter “The Main Sail” three times a year. 

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