Presidents Corner


I am pleased and honored to be the new President of the NNCA. As I told Donna Styles, I initially said No, but then had a clear picture of CAPT Mary Stewart, one of the founders of NNCA from Bremerton, WA. She adopted me when I was the DNS at Bremerton and instructed the Red Cross volunteers to tell me if anything untoward was happening in the hospital! They were a bit like Sherlock Holmes Baker Street Irregulars.


A former Chief Nurse at the hospital, Mary, Doris Sterner, Lou Bell, and others were passionate about collecting the Navy Nurse Corps' memories and history. They saw the history slipping away and wanted to capture it. Fast forward 25 years, and now I am in her shoes.


I am grateful to Donna Styles for her mentorship and efforts to bring the views of the Chapter Presidents to the Board Members. I hope to continue her outreach and welcome any of the Chapter Presidents or members to reach out to me to share their observations or areas where the organization can improve. I would also like to thank our other outgoing Board Members, Debby Nelson-Holsworth and Pam Rourke-Parlier for their stewardship. To the incoming Board Members, Veronica Armstrong, Rosie Perdue, and Vince Starks; thank you for volunteering. 


We are working on a marketing plan and have many ideas about growing our membership, particularly with the NC officers who served from 1991 to 2022. With the change in combat rules in 1994, NC officers served in capacities that our WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam colleagues could only imagine. Recording their history is essential, and it is time to look at the group who served from late in the last century to today. I urge you all to get involved in our association, whether at the local chapter level or on the national board, to make this happen and keep our history alive. 


I encourage you to watch the Memorial Service from the 2022 Reunion cruise, now available on NNCA In Memoriam 2022 - YouTube. I so appreciate the work done to honor those Navy Nurses many who served in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. 


Have a great summer, and invite your fellow Navy Nurses to join NNCA!


Pat Kenney, President NNCA

March 2022