Presidents Corner


As we watch summer wind down and begin to appreciate the colors of fall, I am thankful for all of you; members, Chapter and Board leaders, who volunteer your time and your knowledge to keep the NNCA strong. An organization is just a shell without the passion and spirit of its members. And after attending the Chapter President, Board, and Marketing meetings, I can tell you that the passion and spirit is strong!

Whether large or small, the Chapters are reaching out to Veterans organizations, awarding scholarships, contacting the members who are unable to use technology and representing themselves and the organization in the best conceivable way. What we need now is new members who will continue our mission to document our history and carry on the traditions of the NNCA. We need the energy and the passion of the young and recently retired, active duty and reserves. We need veterans of the Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan wars. We need to hear their stories. And when they read ours, in the oral histories, I hope they recognize the same spirit, passion and knowledge that motivated us, and motivated them.  But to do this we need to be growing our organization. A membership management company named Wild Apricot surveyed 1,231 organizations in 2020 to see how they grew their membership and revenue. Their report, titled: Benchmarks and Insights for Growing Revenue and Constituents had seven recommendations (see hyperlink below). Their top 3 recommendations to grow membership and revenue are:

1) Focus more on established digital channels website and emails and less on social media;
2) Have a refer-a-friend plan in place
3) Leaders must be willing to try new tactics and be dedicated to optimize the ones that work.

I believe the NNCA has all three methods within our grasp.  The Marketing Committee briefed the Board on the marketing plan. We are going to focus more on the website, we do have a refer-a-friend plan in place, and we know it is up to the leadership and all members to reach out to all Nurse Corps officers; active, former, or reserve and ask them to join our organization.

2020 Membership Growth Report | Wild Apricot


Pat Kenney, President NNCA

November 2022