NNCA Officers

Executive Director

Mary Mahony

(865) 856-0700; toll free (877) 662-2674



Board of Directors 2023 - 2024

President: Cindy Sweeney

Vice-President: Jenny Vedral-Baron

Secretary: Veronica Armstrong

Treasurer: Margaret Beaubien

Board:  Cynthia Coyle, Charleen McKee, Rosemary Perdue, Vince Starks, Tina Ortiz


Board of Directors 2023-2024

 Top Row: President, Cindy Sweeney; Vice President, Jenny Vedral_Baron; Tina Ortiz

Middle Row: Treasurer, Margaret Beaubien, Cynthia Coyle; Charlene McKee;

Bottom Row: Secretary, Veronica Armstrong; Rosemary Perdue; Vince Starks;

News Editor, Dot O'Very; Executive Director, Mary Mahony