Memorabilia Program Information

Beginning in 1987, NNCA housed the Memorabilia Collection at the Memorabilia Center in Port Orchard, Washington.  Over the years, NNCA members, serving as part-time volunteers, have managed the Collection.  On-site management included accessioning and cataloging objects, ongoing preservation efforts, and the creation and maintenance of catalog records.

In 2014, the NNCA Board of Directors decided to relocate the Memorabilia and Oral History Collections to History Associates Incorporated’s storage facility in Rockville, Maryland, for long-term storage and management.

NNCA Chapter members and NNCA members-at-large within each Chapter catchment area are requested to contact the corresponding Chapter Memorabilia Representative for assistance with donating items to the Memorabilia collection.

Please find the Chapter contact information via the website “Get Involved” menu; select the Chapter corresponding to your membership or location.  Using the Chapter email address at the bottom of the document, request to be referred to the Chapter Memorabilia Representative.

Non-NNCA members who wish to donate items to the Memorabilia collection are requested to contact the National Memorabilia Committee Chair.

Please send an email to the NNCA National Memorabilia Committee Chairman at the following address: