2015 NNCA Board of Directors and Annua
l Meeting

Charleston, South Carolina

May 6-9, 2015

Charleston Soiree 2015


By Peggy Williams

The Palmetto Chapter-Navy Nurse Corps Association (PCNNCA) was honored to host a very special “Charleston Soiree” for the 2015 NNCA Board of Directors (BOD) and Annual Meeting of the general membership. This event was held May 6-9, 2015 at the fabulous Charleston Embassy Suites Hotel Airport/Convention Center. NNCA Board members as well as many general membership members, family and friends, began to arrive prior to the Thursday, May 7th BOD Meeting. All enjoyed the ambiance of the Embassy Hotel Atrium, to meet old friends and colleagues and enjoyed the complimentary Manager’s reception! Many later met for dinner in the adjoining hotel restaurant. The NNCA BOD meeting began on Thursday morning, May 7th, with a welcome and introduction of new BOD members from NNCA President Terri White. Minutes were obtained by Secretary, Alice Bova and can be reviewed on the following pages. Thursday evening provided NNCA members with an “on their own” opportunity to explore Charleston and many NNCA members enjoyed Charleston’s famous cuisine! We found many NNCA members sharing with others their favorite menu selection(s) back at the hotel atrium before turning in for the night!

The NNCA BOD meeting continued Friday, May 8th, with NNCA committee reports and chapter reports presented by attending NNCA chapter presidents. While the NNCA BOD Meeting was convening, a special “private tour” of the USS Yorktown (CV-10) was supported. The aircraft displays were narrated by a PCNNCA member’s husband (Vietnam era A-6 aviator and USS Yorktown volunteer tour guide).

Danielle Johnson, a Yorktown staff educational tour guide, narrated a special guided tour of the “Medal Of Honor (MOH) Museum.” Prior to the tour, attendees were asked to answer two MOH trivia questions: “How old was the youngest MOH recipient,” and “Who was the only (to-date) female MOH recipient?” Attendees were provided the answers during the tour and were amazed! . All attendees voiced appreciation to the guides of our special tour and the special time afforded aboard the historic USS Yorktown. Due to the fast approaching pre-tropical storm (Ana), we made a quick dash up the pier to our transportation, and traveled safely back to the hotel! Friday evening was again an opportunity to pursue new restaurant adventures and meet in the atrium afterwards to share experiences.

The NNCA Annual Meeting was held in the Charleston Convention Center, on Saturday, May 9th, from 0930-1330. NNCA President Terri White called the meeting to order and thanked the PCNNCA chapter for their hard work in obtaining a wonderful venue and supporting the 2015 NNCA BOD and Annual Meeting. Terri then introduced the NNCA newly elected BOD members, Maryalice MorroJames Hosack,and Robin McKenzie. Then the new NNCA Officers for 2015-2016 were announced. Terri provided a recap of the May 7-8 NNCA BOD meeting, and NNCA Membership Chair, Pam Roark provided an update on current membership and strategies for chapters to consider for recruitment of new members. The final agenda item was provided by Renee Kramer and included an overview of the USA Vietnam War Commemoration Commemorative Partner Program. All Vietnam era NNCA members in attendance were recognized and provided a Commemorative Pin by out-going NNCA President, Terri White and PCNNCA President, Rebecca Crichton. After this moving ceremony was completed, Terri called for a motion to close the 2015 NNCA meeting and requested time for luncheon set-up to be supported by membership mingling and a last opportunity for NNCA merchandise purchase. A special thank you to NNCA for donating and shipping numerous items for this year’s annual meeting (from lanyards, to tote bags and votives, etc!). The luncheon buffet was bountiful and sumptuous and culminated in the celebration of the Navy Nurse Corps 107th Birthday! The cake was cut by PCNNCA member, Elinor Kessel and GLNNCA member Renee Kramer and enjoyed immensely by all!

“On Behalf of the NNCA Board, thank you so much for hosting our annual board and membership meeting in beautiful Charleston. The accommodations, hospitality, activities, and service and support were awesome! Because of your efforts we had a very successful meeting and SIGNIFICANT Tribute to Navy Nurses who served in the Vietnam era. Again, thank you so much for your support service!” ~Sandra Bibb

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