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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Is it possible to pay my dues or donate online?

A  Yes, simply click the JOIN NNCA link on the menu located just to the left of ABOUT US or click the JOIN OR RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP Button located on the left side of the website.

Q  I dont have a Credit Card, can I pay by check instead?

A  Yes, you may still pay online using a check or you can mail a handwritten check and application form by regular mail. The process is the same as those paying electronically.  However, to mail a handwritten check and application, click the Printer icon at the bottom of the Payment page rather  than clicking the payment icons.

Q  The Payment/Dues Renewal/Member Application and/or Members Login tab is missing, what happened?

A  The Payment/Dues Renewal/Member Application and/or Members Login are disabled during system maintenance. Please check back in an hour and its likely that these features will be enabled at that time.

Q  What is a browser?

A  A browser or web browser is the program on your computer that you use to display a website.  The address of the website is also known as a URL or Uniform Resource Locator.  If youre using a Mac, youre likely using Safari as your browser and if youre using a PC, youre probably using Internet Explorer or IE.  Other popular browsers are Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari, all are FREE to download.  Not all browser display (render) the same webpage in the same way.  A website may look better or load FASTER in a different browser.  Ive seen newsletter take forever to display and display poorly in Firefox but load very fast and display perfectly in Chrome.

Q  How do I clear my browser cache & what the heck is a cache anyway?

A  A cache is a file used to store data that is used to speed up the process of retrieving data such as text, photographs, images, etc. Even your username and password could be saved to cache. There are several types of caches, including webpage caches, hardware caches, software caches and memory caches. Caches are used to speed up a process so that data does not have to be recomputed or fetched from its original location and, therefore, saves time. The greater the requests that can be served from the cache, the quicker system performance becomes.  This is the reason that the first time you visit a website, you may notice that webpage loads slowly.  However, on subsequent visits the website loads immediately.  Thats because the pages and pictures on that website was saved to your browser cache during the first visit.  However, there are times when the cache may become damaged and need to be cleared. The method used to clear your cache depends on the type of browser youre using and even the version of that browser.

Q  I paid my NNCA dues but my username and password for the members-only login does not work.

A  The main reason for a failed login is either forgetting to include the DOT between the first and last name or including a space in the username or password or using wrong case (passwords are Case Sensitive). Use the forgotten password feature, on the login page, to recover your username and password, then use copy and paste to CAREFULLY copy the retrieved username and password. Make sure you only copy the username and password and do not include any space before or after the username or password. If you dont know how to copy and paste, watch the video at the bottom of this page. You will also receive an error if your dues have not been paid. Another common reason for a failed logon is something has happened related to your computer browser.  You may try a different browser or clear your browser cache.  If you dont know what a browser is, look for that question on this page for a detailed explanation.

Im a member of NNCA but Ive never had an account on the NNCA website.  I dont know what my username and password is to login to the members-only site.

A All members of NNCA have a temporary username & password assigned to their account. When the login page appears, simply click Forgotten Password located under the username and password field and enter your e-mail address. Your username and temporary password will be immediately sent to you.

Send my Username and Password  To Me!!

When you click Login at the top right side of the public website, you will see the following option on the Login Screen:

Just click E-Mail My Password and enter your E-Mail address.  IMPORTANT NOTE: You should receive an e-mail containing your username and password.  Make sure you enter the username exactly, including the DOT, and the password is cAsE SeNsTivE.  Both the username and password must be entered EXACTLY as it is in the E-Mail that you will receive.  Let me know if you have any questions or issues.

Q  I retrieved my temporary username and password but how do I change them?

A  You can change your username and/or password after you log into the members-only site by clicking on the My Settings link.

Q  How do I join the NNCA, renew my annual dues or make donations?

A  You may JOIN or RENEW your National or Regional Chapter as described above.  You may make a DONATION by clicking on the DONATE Button located on the LEFT side of the public website.

Q  The Newsletter will not open on my computer, what could be wrong?

A  You may have an old version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer or it may not be installed at all. Adobe Reader is required to view the online edition of the NNCA Newsletter. The download is free and safe to use. You can download a free copy at  If the Newsletter loads extremely slowly, its probably due to the speed of your internet connection.  However, it could also be browser related.  Try using a different browser or clearing your browser cache.  if you have no idea what a browser or cache is, refer to the answer located near the top of this page.

Q  Is there any way to increase the size of the words on the webpage?

A  On just about any webpage, you can click once on the page, then hold down the ctrl key and hit the + key. Reverse the size by holding the ctrl key and hitting the key.

Q  As I get older, I find it really difficult to remember all these details about the computer and pretty much everything else.  Is there a tool that is easy to use and will help me remember my passwords and all the other things I have a hard time remembering?

A  YES Theres a GREAT tool which is free and easy to use that will help you remember EVERYTHING.  Click the Evernote logo below, enter your e-mail address, a new username & an easy to remember password.  Dont worry, they will not sell or use your e-mail or other information improperly. Ive been using EverNote for well over a year and its the BEST tool Ive ever used for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!!!

Watch a short EverNote Video

Q  I dont know how to use my computer, is there any help for me?

A  Yes, there are many places on the internet that offer both paid and free computer tutorials.  Click the link below for free lessons.  Note: there are Lessons, Interactives, Extras and Videos.

Q  How do I copy and paste?

A  Click your left mouse button and carefully drag it over only the letters you would like to copy. This will cause the selected letters to be highlighted. Once the text is highlighted, there are several ways to copy. 1. Click you RIGHT mouse button and click copy. 2. Click edit from the drop-down menu, if available, and click copy. 3. Press the Ctrl and C letter on your keyboard. After you copy the text, you may paste it using the same methods to copy except you will select paste. The only other difference is when using the keyboard shortcut, press the Ctrl and V letter to paste. Think V for VELCRO!!