NNCA 2020 Reunion:

Celebrating Friends and Family

Navy Nurse Corps Association 2020 Reunion Update April 14, 2020

Dear fellow NNCA 2020 Reunion participants,

Wishing everyone the best of the season. Times are certainly different from virtual church to video chats with friends and family. It is interesting how folks are having a difficult time being at home so much. Perhaps they should be asking retirees for advice! Even at home it is important to maintain a sense of routine, good nutrition and exercise.

The NNCA 2020 Reunion cruise 9-11 May has officially been cancelled by the Royal Caribbean.  They are offering two options.

1.Future cruise credit for 125% of what you paid which must be used by December 31, 2021. Frequent cruisers may opt to do this.

2.A full refund for exactly how much was paid.

Trip insurance if you purchased through MOAA Vacations is not refundable, as it was a separate insurance company purchase. Your credit card company may offer information on disputing charges for services not delivered. The registration fee for NNCA events is being refunded to everyone unless there was a donation request to support current or future reunion expenses.

WMANNCA plans to host the 2022 Reunion, more to follow in the NNCA Newsletter on those plans as it becomes available.

I wanted to take this time to acknowledge the NNCA Reunion 2020 Committee: Boo Lahman, Christine Boltz, Maria Harbeson, Cindy Sweeney, Shelley Savage, Susan Jackson, Sue Miller, Ann Ross, Kathy Thorp, Craig Leffler (spouse) and Ana Stoehr. A very special thank you to Robin McKenzie and Pam Roark-Parlier from FNNCA who orchestrated the Memorial Service. The Memorial Service will be posted online in May. The Award recipients, after the recipients are informed, will be posted online and included in the July Newsletter. Thank you to the chapters, NWNNCA, NENNCA, SCNNCA and LLNNCA who donated funds to support the reunion, this was money was well spent. We assure you we will not return for additional money in 2022. Lastly, thank you to Kim Lyons, NNCA’s executive director for her guidance and support.

Please be safe and stay healthy. You may continue to contact us with ongoing concerns about the NNCA 2020 Reunion cruise.


Maggie Balacki
Chair, NNCA Reunion 2020, NNCA2020Reunion@gmail.com

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