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Stephen Covey’s lessons for highly effective leaders include the principle “BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND”. During our recent Strategic Planning meeting in San Diego, our wonderful facilitator, Charles Mount, capitalized on this tactic to enhance the effectiveness of our meeting and to keep us focused on the task.

If you log in to the Members Site of NNCA.ORG and click on the MINUTES icon you will see the revisions to our Mission, Vision, Values and Goals. We chose to approach this undertaking using an active voice, simplifying the language, and capturing the essence of our organization. Please note the use of the term “IS” in our mission and vision. Look closely at our values, which we believe truly reflect that our members not only talk the talk, but walk the walk.

In the past four years, we experienced a 16% drop in membership, yet we remain a robust group of former and current Navy Nurses. However, in order to remain relevant and vital, we spent a good deal of time discussing how to recruit and retain members. To that end, we plan to identify and possibly hire a marketing expert for non-profit organizations. We want this individual to examine our current methods of recruitment and retention and to advise us on opportunities for growth. Jim Hosack is actively working on this endeavor.

I want to thank our chapter presidents and/or their representatives who attended or called-in to our strategic planning session and were able to contribute valuable ideas. I would also like to thank the Southern California Chapter members for their extraordinary hospitality, phenomenal organization of all the events, & a special thanks to Becky Nulty for her scrumptious cookies (recipes are in the July 2017 Newsletter).


Robin McKenzie, President NNCA

July 2017