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DAISY Supportive Association


The purpose of the Finance Committee is to prepare a budget for the fiscal year and to amend this budget as needed.

Bylaws & Policy

Purpose:To ensure that:

  1. The Bylaws and Policies are in consensus with the purposes of the Association and fully support its goals and mission.
  2. The Bylaws are in compliance with the Washington State Nonprofit Corporation Act, other laws as appropriate, and the NNCA Articles of Incorporation.


  1. Review existing Bylaws and Policies.
  2. Make recommendations for amendments and revisions of the Bylaws to the Board.
  3. Report questionable interpretations of Bylaws to the Board.
  4. Recommend necessary policy changes to the Board.


The purpose of the Awards Committee is to provide public recognition to those members of the Navy Nurse Corps Association who have made significant or unusual contributions to the Navy, the Navy Nurse Corps, Nursing, or to the Association, and to encourage active participation in the NNCA.  Such recognition will usually be given at the Reunion Meetings.

Membership Recruitment & Retention

The purpose of the Membership Recruitment & Retention Committee is to recruit and retain members. MemorabiliaThe purpose of the Memorabilia Preservation Committee is to solicit, acquire, preserve, and exhibit artifacts related to the history of the Navy Nurse Corps.

Corresponding Secretary

(NNCA News Committee) The NNCA News is the official publication of the Association. Its purposes include:

  1. To present news of interest or concern to NNCA members.
  2. To relate anecdotal, historical events pertaining to the Navy Nurse Corps.
  3. To provide information relative to planned functions which may be valuable and/or socially attractive to members.
  4. To communicate matters pertinent to NNCA.
  5. To publish the NNCA News three times each year; March, July and November.
  6. To solicit members to submit material for publication one month prior to publishing date.


The purpose of the Nominating Committee is to identify qualified candidates for the annual election of Board of Directors. They are responsible to prepare a slate of candidates and supervise the election process.

Merchandise Committee

The purpose of the Merchandise Committee is to oversee all procurement and sales of merchandise for NNCA.


The purpose of the History Committee is to record the oral histories of Navy Nurses.


The purpose of the Memorabilia Committee is to solicit and acquire artifacts related to the history of the Navy Nurse Corps and Navy Nursing.