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NNCA is dedicated to preserving the rich history and supporting the traditions of the Navy Nurse Corps.  We accomplish this through advocating for the conservation of Nurse Corps memorabilia, facilitating networking opportunities and advancing military nursing.


NNCA will be recognized as the preferred organization for promoting the Navy Nurse Corps legacy through camaraderie, mentorship and historical preservation.


  1. We value enduring relationships based on common bonds as Navy Nurses.
  2. We embrace the diversity among our members.
  3. We adapt to assure future Association growth and sustainability.
  4. We support our members by facilitating networking opportunities.
  5. We cherish the traditions of our Association, military nursing and veterans.


Coupled with Board of Directors links through our Chapters, Committees, and Members-at-Large:

  1. Nurse Corps Traditions & Legacy (Pamela Giza & Elizabeth Barker)
    •  History (Elizabeth Barker)
    • Memorabilia Preservation (Pamela Giza)
  2. Organizational Sustainability (President & Vice President)
    • Membership (President)
    • Policy & By Laws (Vice President)
    • Finance (Treasurer)
    • Nominating (President)
  3. Camaraderie ( Renee Kramer, & Jim Hosack)
    • NNCA News (President)
    • Awards – Vice President (Kristie Grau)
    • Merchandise (Renee Kramer)
    • Marketing/Communications (includes web site) (James Hosack)
    • Strategic Plan Caretaker (Al Shimkus)