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Goal #2
Organizational Sustainability

(President & Vice President)


        • Membership (President)

Present Level of Performance-

  • Membership level of NNCA is currently 1626 (slight increase from 2014).
  1. Retention and recruitment efforts will target a membership level of 1800 members or higher every year. Less than 1800 members will negatively impact sustainability.
  2. Chapters will analyze membership rosters to determine renewal potential of their members at least yearly. Appropriate renewal methods will be used to retain members.  These methods may be via telephone, mailings, or website interface.
  3. Chapters will recruit new members when and where possible in their respective geographical areas.
  4. The Executive Director will pursue membership renewals of Non-chapter affiliated members at least yearly. This will include non-renewals as much as three years past due.
  5. The Executive Director will inform the President and the Board of Directors when the membership level has fallen below 1800.
  6. Decisions by the Board of Directors related to falling membership levels will address measures to sustain organizational stability.
  7. The NNCA website will attract membership possibilities through interactive renewal capability and new membership registrations.
  8. Implemented Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter
  9. NNCA Brochure (add information on what dues pay for)
  10. In Harm’s Way book given to all new ascensions in the Navy Nurse Corps
  11. Explore Blogging
  12. Membership Chair will work with Ex. Director to survey new members on reason for joining and expectations of the organization.
        • Policy & Bylaws (Vice President)

Present Level of Performance and Accomplishments-

  • Bylaws and Policies and Procedures are current and support NNCA operations.
  • Bylaw change at Annual Meeting 2014 to change definition of quorum to “Members Present” (Article III Section 5).
  1. The Vice President will review the Bylaws and Policies and Procedures at least yearly and more often to keep Bylaws and Policies and Procedures current so that they support operations.
  2. The changes and revisions to the Policies and Procedures will be presented to the President and the Board of Directors for discussion and approval.
  3. Up-to-date Bylaws and the Policies and Procedure Manual will be available to all members on the Members-Only portion of the NNCA website.
  4. Review Bylaws for online voting and add a board succession plan.


        • Finance

Present Level of Performance and Accomplishments –

  • The Association’s financial matters, the safeguarding of funds and all financial transactions are managed in a responsible manner.
  • Change to future Chapter Reports to include validation that ALL members are also NNCA Members as required in NNCA Policy & Procedure Manual, Section 4, Page 3& 4, and to ensure Item 2 below is met.
  1. The revenue streams will support the financial stability of the organization.
  2. Record keeping by NNCA and its affiliated chapters will show that the organization’s 501c19 is warranted and maintained.
  3. Increase efficiency by improving business practices – research opportunities for outsourcing.
  4. Board Members proactively recruit Five (5) new members each year (Target).
        • Nominating (President)

Present Level of Performance-

  • The Nominating Committee provides a slate of qualified candidates to the membership for vote to elect Board of Director positions annually as specified in the By Laws (Article IV, Section 4.)