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Goal #3


      • Awards (Vice President – Kristi Grau)

Present Level of Performance-

  • Current descriptions of awards criteria and nomination forms are available at NNCA.org in addition to citations of present and past award recipients.
  • Modifications to the Nomination Process forms approved and implemented .


  1. The Awards Committee selection process will be fair and will provide public recognition at the Reunion meetings to those members of the Navy Nurse Corps Association who have made significant or unusual contributions to the Association’s mission.
  2. Awards nomination process will be available for online submission on NNCA.org


      • Merchandise (Renee Kramer)

Present Level of Performance-

  • NNCA merchandise is currently available for online or mail in purchase at NNCA.org.


  1. Select and provide merchandise for sale to members of the Navy Nurse Corps Association that reflect the spirit or history of the Association as a way of publicizing and advancing the mission/goals of the Navy Nurse Corps and the Association.
  2. Committee Chair, ED and BOD downlink will evaluate partner companies to provide embroidered logo soft goods for membership that can be ordered directly and include a wider variety of styles, sizes and colors. This will reduce NNCA out of pocket costs and storage fees, while still providing organizationally identifiable items to meet member needs and wants.


      • Marketing & Communications (Jim Hosack)

Present Level of Performance-

  • Accomplished through a multimedia approach utilizing NNCA.org, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and printed material.


  1. org will be maintained to provide accurate, relevant and timely information for members on the Public and Members Only sites and to attract prospective members.
  2. Website administrator will maintain active contact with Executive Director, President and Board of Directors regarding maintenance and operation of NNCA.org.
  3. org will support marketing by providing online membership application, membership renewal and monetary donations to NNCA.
  4. The NNCA Newsletter and Chapter newsletters will be published in color on the Member’s only site at NNCA.org.
  5. Website activity reports will be reviewed quarterly for site activity, trends and efficacy.
  6. NNCA Facebook, Linked In and Twitter links on NNCA.org to enhance communication.
  7. Photo Site Manager will provide photographic documentation of NNCA events and activities for publication on NNCA.org.
  8. Added web site enhancements, including Online Voting, Online Registration for Annual Meetings/ Reunions, In Memoriam with virtual Memorials and Tutorials for new members using our web site.